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On December 8, 2020, I signed up for the Coca-Cola Insiders Club Membership via an email link from The Coca-Cola Company:

From: Coca-Cola Brands

Date: December 8, 2020

Subject: Available now: Coca Cola Insiders Club membership


Now’s your chance to join this exclusive club and try new, refreshing Coca-Cola beverages before they hit shelves nationwide – plus so much more! Sign up for yourself or give it as the perfect holiday gift, but don’t wait, because spots are filling up fast!

Coca-Cola in Different Scripts


A few years ago I was collecting Coca-Cola written in different language scripts in electronic form. With the help of Unicode, Google, Firefox and a refreshingly talented linguist, Sam Giloi, here is the list we compiled:

Arabic (Arabiyya) کوکا کولا
Amharic ኮካ-ኮላ
Armenian* Կոկա-Կոլա
Bengali কোকা-কোলা
Cantonese (Yale)* Hóháu-Hólohk
Cherokee* ᎪᎧ ᎪᎳ
Chinese (bopomofo) ㄎㄜˇㄎㄡˇㄎㄜˇㄌㄜˋ
Chinese (Cyrillic)* Кэкоу-Кэлэ
Chinese (Gwoyeu Romatzyh)* Keekoou-Keeleh
Chinese (IPA)* kʰɤkʰoukʰɤlɤ
Chinese (pinyin) Kěkǒu-Kělè
Chinese (simplified) 可口可乐
Chinese (traditional) 可口可樂
Chinese (Wade-Giles) K'ok'ou-K'ole
Elmer Fudd* Coca-Cowa
English (AHD) kō'kəkō'lə
English (Bristol Dialect)* Coca-Colawl
English (IPA American)* koʊkə'koʊlə
English (IPA Australian)* kəʉkə'kəʉlə
English (IPA British)* kəʊkə'kəʊlə
English (IPA Canadian)* kokə'kolə
English (IPA Cockney)* kʌʊlə'kʌʊlə
English (IPA Derry)* kʲokʲə'kʲolə
English (IPA Estuary)* kəʏlə'kəʏlə
English (IPA Philippine)* kokɐ'kolɐ
English (IPA Runglish)* 'koukakoula
English (IPA Scottish)* kokə'kolə
English (IPA Singlish)* kokə'kolə
English (Latin) Coca-Cola
English (Swedish Chef)* Cuca-Cula
English (Yorkshire Dialect)* Coca-Coleur
Esperanto Koka-Kolao
Estonian Koka-Kola
Faux Cyrillic* CФCД CФLД
Georgian კოკა-კოლა
Greek* Κόκα-Κόλα
Gujarati કોકા-કોલા
Gurmukhi ਕੋਕਾ-ਕੌਲਾ
Hebrew קוקה קולה
Hindi (Devanagari) कैका कोला
Inuktitut* ᑰᑲ ᑰᓚ
Japanese (kanji) 古加琥羅 +
Japanese (katakana) コカ・コーラ
Japanese (hiragana) こかこーら 
Japanese (kiriji)* Кока-Кōра
Japanese (romaji) Koka-Kōra
Kannada ಕುಕಾ ಕುಲಾ
Khmer* កូកា- កូឡា
Klingon* qoqa-qola
Korean (Hangul) 코카-콜라
Korean (romanization) Koka-Korra
Lao ໂກກະ-ໂກຣະ
Malayalam കൊകാ കൊലാ
Maori Kōka-Kōla
Nepali* कोका-कोला
Animal Kingdom
Oriya କୋକା-କୋଲା
Punjabi ਕੋਕ-ਕੋਲ
Runes* ᚳᚩᚳᚪᚳᚩᛚᚪ
Russian (Cyrillic) Кока-Кола
San (Bushman language)* Koka-Koℓa
Shavian (Shaw)* kOka-kOla
Sinhala ෙකාකා-ෙකාලා
Syriac* ܟܘܟܐ ܟܘܠܐ
Tamil கொகா கொலா
Telugu కొకా కొలా
Tengwar (English)*  
Tengwar (Quenya)*  
Tengwar (Sindarin)*  
Thai โคคา-โคล่า
Tibetan ཀོཀཱ-ཀོལཱ
Vietnamese* Côcá-Côla
Yiddish* קאקאקאלא
Zulu Koka-Kola
Zürich German (Züridüdsch)* Gogi

+ I received the following comment from a reader:

Hi, my name is Yasuo and I'm a private historian of Coca-Cola in Japan. We Japanese don't know "Japanese (kiriji)" and never use it. Instead of that, "Japanese (hiragana)" should be added to the list. Spelling Coca-Cola in Japanese (hiragana) is: こかこーら. Trademarks of "コカコーラ","こかこーら","古加琥羅"were registered in Japan by the Coca-Cola Export Corporation on September 21, 1951. Since we Japanese use only katakana for the Western name, however, only katakana has actually been used for Coca-Cola with a character of "" in the middle as "コカ‧コーラ". (The pronounce is [kokɑkɔːlɑ].) Usage of the Kanji 古加琥羅 and the hiragana こかこーら were observed only for novelties in Uniter States, such as "world tray" etc. Before the World War II when Coca-Cola bottling business had not been established in Japan and the product had been sold as just an imported product, varied spellings of Coca-Cola were used such as "コカコラ","コカ‧コラ","コカ、コラ",;"コカコーラ","コカ‧コーラ","コカコオラ".The most popular one among them was "コカコラ"

* contributed by Sam Giloi

Since most people don't have the fonts to display some of the scripts above, here are the image files :


Tengwar English

Tengwar Quenya

Tengwar Sindarin

Vio Kinda Tastes Like

Vio kinda tastes like Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky but not as sweet or creamy.  Vio kinda tastes like Qoo Lactic but less acidic.  Vio has about the same carbonation as Coke Blak and as smooth as Coke Light.

Vio Peach Mango reminds me of Tropical Sprite Remix while Vio Very Berry reminds me of Berryclear Sprite Remix.  Vio Tropical Colada resembles Fanta Coconut Pineapple while Vio Citrus Burst brings back memories of Citra and Fresca.

The Vio beverages come in similar aluminum bottles as the Truvia-sweetened Sprite Green, but in 8 fl oz instead of the Sprite's 8.5 fl oz. Vio's twist-off cap has the words "... it's fizzy in here!" where Sprite's top says nothing. Vio Citrus Burst bottle's mfg code has: FEB0711WKE1 0833 CT821, while Sprite Green bottle's mfg code shows: FEB0110WKC1 0404 CT821.

If you ask me which of the four vibrancy drink flavors I prefer, I would say in the same reverse order of their GAN: Vio Peach Mango 2009-0625, Vio Very Berry 2009-0624, Vio Tropical Colada 2009-0623, Vio Citrus Burst 2009-0622.

I'm not sure what GAN stands for, probably Graphic Artwork Number, a unique number that The Coca-Cola Company assigns to each of the artwork design used on its product packages produced in the U.S. including glass, PET and aluminum bottles, aluminum bottle tops, aluminum cans, paper carriers, multi-pack boxes, tetra-paks, and others. Some packages show two GANs, one for the package itself and the other for the additional promotional artwork.

The GAN format is YYYY-NNNN where YYYY is the four-digit year and NNNN is a four-digit serial number.  The earliest examples of GAN I could find are on 12 fl oz cans from 1991. Some of the GAN from 1991-2001 are in the format of YYYY-NN, YYYY-NNN, YYYY-NNNN. The ones I've seen from 2002 and later have the full four-digit NNNN where the 2 and 3 digit serial numbers are preceded by zeros.

The GAN is usually found near the UPC code or the bottom of the artwork panel.

Vio Citrus Burst UPC: 0-491100-5 GAN: 2009-0622 MFG CODE: FEB0711WKE1 0833 CT821
Vio Tropical Colada UPC: 0-491080-2 GAN: 2009-0623 MFG CODE: DEC2010WK01 0906 CT821
Vio Very Berry UPC: 0-491060-8 GAN: 2009-0624 MFG CODE: DEC2010WKE1 1046 CT821
Vio Peach Mango UPC: 0-491070-5 GAN: 2009-0625 MFG CODE: NOV2910WKB1 1406 CT821

Retail price for a bottle of Vio is $3, the same as the Coke Trio (Classic, Diet and Zero) in the sleek aluminum bottles.  You may also purchase Vio in packs of 12 for $25 on

Vio is produced by neXstep beverages LLC, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company based in Houston, Texas. Since its debut in July 2009, Vio is only available in the Big Apple. For a list of the retailers, check out the official website: and follow @VioVibe on twitter for free samples in New York City.